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Join the American Association of Kidney Patients Family

Join the American Association of Kidney Patients Family

All patients and family members can join the American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP) at no charge, which includes a digital subscription to aakpRENALIFE magazine! We believe this new structure will provide access to the valuable information AAKP produces to many more patients and help us build a bigger, stronger and more influential patient community.

Drive to 45

This year AAKP celebrates its 45th Anniversary. In honor of this historic event, AAKP has launched this new structure to dramatically increase the number of kidney patients with access to membership. Over the next year, we are work collaboratively with doctor offices, dialysis units, transplant centers and patient support groups to grow the voice of the nation's kidney patients.

Kidney disease affects more than 26 million Americans – yet millions more don't know they are at increased risk of developing the disease because of diabetes and hypertension, the two leading causes of kidney disease. AAKP asks you to invite someone you know who has kidney disease, diabetes or hypertension to join the AAKP family. Tell them why you joined and why you think their joining AAKP could benefit them.

This is an exciting time as AAKP continues to be the pre-eminent kidney patient education and advocacy organization in the U.S. bringing awareness to kidney disease and its effect on individuals like you.

You do have the option to receive hard copies of the aakpRenalife magazine for a small subscription fee of $10/yearly.

If you have any questions about AAKP Membership, please call us at 1-800-749-2257 or email info@aakp.org. You can also learn more by visiting www.aakp.org.

This article was posted on January 10th, 2014