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AAKP HealthLine Webinars Are Now Online

AAKP HealthLine Webinars Are Now Online

The AAKP HealthLine is a webinar-based program (with the conference call option still available for those without a computer) that conveniently educates patients and their family members on a variety of important health care topics from the comfort of their home or office. HealthLine addresses many issues patients with kidney disease face such as diet/nutrition, mention/social/emotional health, medication management, renal replacement treatment options, co-morbid conditions kidney patients cope with such as hyperparathyroidism, bone disease, anemia, heart disease, and much more.

All webinar programs are one-hour long, feature two to three expert speakers and allow for live audience question and answer session toward the end of each session.

How do I register?
Call (800) 749-AAKP to register or register online by visiting www.aakp.org/community/programs-events.html.
Who organizes each AAKP HealthLine program?
All webinars are organized by AAKP and feature leading health care professionals. Participation is FREE.
Can I ask a question during the webinar?
AAKP HealthLine is an interactive program. Time is provided at the end of each webinar for a brief question and answer session.

Archived Webinars/Conference Calls

AAKP records all HealthLine webinars and conference calls and places them on the AAKP website. Recent HealthLine programs include:

For more information about the AAKP HealthLine Program call 1-800-749-2257, ext. 1001 or send an email to dclynes@aakp.org.

This article was posted on October 11th, 2013