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New Educational Booklet

New Educational Booklet

NxStage is excited to launch a new educational booklet that outlines the documented benefits and risks of home and more frequent home hemodialysis therapy.

The booklet, entitled LIVE, is designed to be used by nephrologists, treatment modality educators, and dialysis providers to educate kidney patients on more frequent home hemodialysis. According to a survey conducted by the American Association of Kidney Patients and published in 2011, only about a third of dialysis patients reported that they were educated on home hemodialysis.

"The benefits of more frequent hemodialysis at home are clear and compelling, so it is no surprise that our patients consistently tell us that the therapy gives them their lives back," said Joe Turk, President, NxStage Medical, Inc. "We urge everyone — whether you are a kidney patient, you know a kidney patient, or you may come in contact with a kidney patient — to read this booklet. With increased awareness of what could be comes the opportunity to change more lives for the better."

The LIVE booklet is organized into 3 sections — Live Healthier, Live Better, Live Longer — describing the clinical, quality of life and survival benefits reported in connection with home and more frequent hemodialysis, while also explaining the risks and responsibilities. In addition, there are quotes from current patients interspersed throughout the booklet, enhancing each topic with their real-world experience.

The LIVE booklet is available online at www.nxstage.com/live-brochure.

This article was posted on October 25th, 2013