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WellBound Patient Travels Cross-Country

WellBound Patient Travels Cross-Country

124,000 miles and counting. The Bozich’s Mercedes Roadtrek RV has taken them to all 50 states and beyond.

“We’ve gone cross country at least 5 times,” George says. “The fun part is that we can stop and do whatever we want. Last trip we decided, let’s go to Branson. It wasn’t in the plans, it wasn’t on the itinerary. We spent about a week there exploring, seeing shows.”

What makes Betty and George’s Roadtrek RV unique is that Betty can do her home hemodialysis treatments in the van while they are on the road. George retrofitted the van to hold the machine and supplies needed to get them across the country for weeks at a time.

“We’ve learned a lot. I change the protocol each time,” George explains. “I used to carry the machine into the hotel for her. Then we did trial runs on the generator in the van and it ran with no trouble. Now we do dialysis in the morning so we can drive all day.”

Their travels take them to family along the East Coast, including Pennsylvania, Georgia and Maine.

“The grandkids are very excited when we pull up,” Betty says. “The younger one just loves to get in and ride. He’ll just sit in the van and look out the windows, ready to go somewhere.”

The flexibility of home dialysis, offered through Satellite WellBound, allows the Bozich’s to extend their trips and add impromptu stops.

“This one trip we went from Pennsylvania to Maine. Then we went through this small border crossing town that probably sees 3 cars an hour, into Canada,” George says. “It’s just spur of the moment. We plug the destination into the GPS to take the route. We did that with Glacier National Park, and it was beautiful.”

On their breaks from traveling, Betty is a patient at Satellite WellBound of Mountain View. She’s been on home hemodialysis since 2010.

“It’s very nice here at WellBound of Mountain View. We’re here once a month for my check in,” Betty says. “Everyone is so nice and happy. Plus it’s convenient. I can stop by here and then go see my doctor because he is here in Mountain View.”

Betty says since being on home dialysis, she feels better after treatment and of course can continue traveling with George.

Friends, family and community members joined Betty last month at Satellite WellBound of Mountain View for an open house and tour to celebrate the new facility's Grand Opening.

Visit Satellite WellBound of Mountain View

Local residents are invited to call (650) 417-6460 for a personal tour of Satellite Healthcare's new state-of-the-art WellBound facility at 247 West El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040.

This article was posted on August 21st, 2015