Nocturnal In-Center Hemodialysis

Nocturnal in-center HD is not a home treatment. We mention it, however, because it gives you twice as much treatment as standard in-center HD. With cleaner blood, you can feel better and have more energy. You won't need such strict diet and fluid limits, and may need fewer medicines. And, you don't need a partner.

The long, gentle treatments last for about 8 hours in the clinic. Most clinics start these treatments at about 8pm, and they end at about 4am. A few clinics offer the longer treatments at about 3pm so you can go home when you're done and sleep in your own bed. We like this idea and hope it catches on.

Nocturnal in-center HD benefits in brief:

Getting ready for nocturnal in-center HD:

To do any type of HD, you will need a surgeon to make you a vascular access (a way to get blood to the dialyzer).

Where can you get nocturnal in-center HD?

Nocturnal in-center HD options are growing quickly. Of the more than 5,000 dialysis clinics in the U.S., about 5% offer it. Be sure to ask at your clinic. If they don't have a program yet, maybe they will start one if enough people want it. Find a center near you.


Nocturnal in-center HD takes about 7–9 hours each time a treatment is done. Plus, you'll have travel time to and from the clinic. You probably won't have to wait for a chair, because fewer people are using this option.

Nocturnal in-center HD may be a good choice for you if you want to:

Nocturnal in-center HD may not be as good of a choice for you if you want to:

Who is best suited for nocturnal in-center HD?

If you can do standard in-center HD, you could do nocturnal in-center HD, too. Getting to and from the clinic can be a challenge if you can't drive yourself.