Care Partners

Should You Become A Home Dialysis Care Partner?

When a loved one has kidney failure, your life can change, too. How much, and in what ways, can depend a lot on what type of treatment your loved one does—and on how involved you become.

This page is devoted to the special challenges and unique situations that care partners face when helping their loved one on dialysis.

Care Partner Views / Tips

You are not alone! Other care partners share their tips to make your path easier.

Care Partner Tools

Who is going to do what when it comes to home treatments? It’s best for the person who needs dialysis (dialyzor) to do as much as possible. You and your dialyzor will need to work that out in a way that suits you best. Download the tool for home hemodialysis (HHD) or peritoneal dialysis (PD) and follow the steps.

Care Partner Connections

Ask questions and find answers and support from others who have been there: