Buttonhole Technique

Stuart Mott, LPN

Stuart Mott, LPN, is a pioneer in buttonhole cannulation, whose articles about Touch Cannulation, Cushion Cannulation, and Tandem Hand cannulation have changed practice. His approach to cleaning buttonholes more safely to improve infection control has now been used for 54,094 cannulation in four countries without a single infection. Stuart is currently working as an acute dialysis nurse in St. Louis, Missouri with DaVita.

Article by Stuart Mott, LPN

Dialysis needles are large and scary! Fear of needles and pain is a reality for most people on dialysis, especially in the beginning. Some have true phobia, and require special techniques and interventions to self-cannulate. All patients, once they become familiar with dialysis, worry about who will put their needles in (and potentially cause access damage that can lead to a hospital stay, surgery, or loss of their lifeline). Some avoid travel because they don’t want an unknown staff person to cannulate them. All of these fears can reduce quality of life. Patients who cannulate themselves learn to overcome these fears—and this task is not as formidable as it may seem.

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Stuart Mott has made several to-the-point videos demonstrating his favorite cannulation techniqes.

“Very good information on trying new ways of cannulating.” Gale Schulke, RN, CDN

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