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  • Home Dialysis and Psychological Health

    An interview study of 36 people on PD (n=13) or home HD (n=7) and care partners identified four themes and subthemes, including isolation and disconnection, importance of support systems, burden of distress, and seeking mental health support.

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    Tags: Isolation, Support Systems, Distress, Mental Health Support

  • Assisted PD in Europe

    Not every PD patient can perform solo treatments—or has a care partner to help. Some European countries are offering assisted PD in the home, often temporarily, using a variety of PD prescriptions and care provided by private care agencies or nursing home staff. Tailoring the prescription to residual kidney function reduces PD burden and aids technique survival.

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    Tags: Assisted PD

  • Hope, Quality of Life, and Psychoscial Distress in PD

    Are people on PD hopeful? A study from China surveyed 134 people on PD, assessing their level of hope. Working patients with higher income using APD had higher hope scores, and hope correlated significantly with both age and social support. Higher hope scores were linked with better mental well-being and less severe depression.

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    Tags: Hope, Quality Of Life, Psychoscial Distress In PD, Income, APD, Depression

  • How to Set Up New Home Dialysis Programs

    More than half of U.S. dialysis clinics are either not licensed to train patients in PD or home HD, or are licensed but have no patients in their home programs. A new review article outlines the core domains needed to set up and run a home dialysis program in the U.S.

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    Tags: Home Dialysis Program, PD Training, Home HD Training

  • Rate of Residual Kidney Function Decline and Mortality in PD

    When 497 PD patients were divided into two groups based on RRF decline value, those in the fast-decline group had significantly higher rates of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality. In fact, each 0.1mL/min/1.73m2 per month drop in RRF in the first year of PD predicted a 19% higher risk of all-cause mortality and a 20% higher risk of cardiovascular mortality.

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    Tags: Rate Of Residual Kidney Function Decline, All cause Mortality, Cardiovascular Mortality

  • Surprising Impact of First Dialysis Modality on Survival in Patients with Diabetes

    A retrospective cohort study of 739 patients from 2010 to 2018 (inclusive) used propensity score matching to compare mortality between standard HD and PD in China, matching 125 PD patients with HD patients. No significant differences were found—except in those with diabetes, who had significantly better survival with PD.

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    Tags: Modality, Survival, Diabetes, Propensity Score Matching

  • Steady Glucose Concentration in PD and Sodium Removal

    In a small pilot study (n=8), two fast-average and six fast transporters used a standard 4-hour CAPD dwell as a control, and three 5-hour steady-concentration treatments using the Carry Life® UF device following an overnight icodextrin fill as the intervention. UF rates were significantly higher with the steady glucose concentration treatments, as were sodium removal and glucose UF efficiency.

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    Tags: PD, Glucose Concentration, Sodium Removal

  • Exercise and Quality of Life on PD

    In a cross sectional study of 339 PD patients, 81.7% exercised a median of 5 hours per week, mainly slow walking. Those who exercised had better quality of life. Older age, female sex, higher BMI, and pain were independently associated with lower exercise capacity.

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    Tags: PD, Exercise, Quality Of Life

  • Melatonin Shows Promise for Preventing Peritoneal Fibrosis

    Glucose in peritoneal dialysate drives inflammation and angiogenesis, which lead to fibrosis that can cause loss of use of the membrane. A new study from China proposes that melatonin may break this cycle.

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    Tags: Melatonin, Peritoneal Fibrosis, Glucose, GSDME, Pyroptosis

  • Home HD Dose and Frequency Prescriptions

    Current Kt/V formulas don’t guide nephrologists to prescribe home HD with low-flow machines. A study of 38 home HD patients resulted in 231 clinical data sets for urea modeling, which were analyzed using the Solute Solver software recommended by the KDOQI guidelines. The researchers chose 7 of the 62 potential combinations, assuming Monday blood draws, and found the new formula for stdKtV to be reliable and helpful for guiding clinicians.

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    Tags: Home HD, Kt/V, Urea Modeling, StdKt/V