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  • In-center HD patients tend to overestimate how long they are likely to live

    Statistics do not apply to individuals. However, a survey of 996 standard in-center HD patients from 31 clinics found that most could not correctly guess how long other “people your age with similar health conditions” usually live (<5 years, 5-10 years, >10 years, not sure). Just 11.2% chose <5 years, when the USRDS results would suggest 60.3%. Those who believed they would live longer were less likely to have advance directives.

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  • Patient Education Boosted Use of Home Therapies

    In a 22-month period 108 people were enrolled in a comprehensive predialysis education program—and 70% chose a home treatment (55% PD; 15% home HD). Three sessions of education appeared optimal for helping patients reach a decision.

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