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  • Cardiovascular Outcomes Compared in PD vs. Home HD

    Data from almost 69,000 patients in the USRDS who started PD or home HD to assess for rates of hospitalizations due to incident cardiovascular events (acute coronary syndrome, heart failure, stroke). While the unadjusted rate of cardiovascular events was higher in home HD than PD patients, the adjusted rates were lower for stroke and acute coronary syndrome. There was no difference in heart failure risk, but home HD was linked with a 22% lower adjusted risk of cardiovascular death.

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    Tags: USRDS, PD, Home HD, Hospitalization Rate, Incident Cardiovascular Events

  • A New, Miniaturized Ultrafiltration System

    Collaboration between cardiologists and nephrologists may be key to developing a treatment that can help heart and kidney patients. This article describes extracorporeal ultrafiltration and steps in development of Artificial Diuresis (AD1), a new miniaturized system for ultrafiltration.

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    Tags: Artificial Diuresis, Extracorporeal Ultrafiltration, Fluid Overload, Heart Failure, Miniaturization, Portable, Wearable

  • Update on Pregnancy in Home Dialysis Patients

    For women with CKD, pregnancy may be a goal, but their fertility window is limited and they may not have time to wait for a transplant. Pregnancy rates on dialysis are low, and the pregnancies are high risk—but this may be changing. Intensive HD that improve fertility and live birth rates, with longer gestation and higher birth weights are another option for women on dialysis who want children. Learn principles and practical management of dialysis pregnancies, as well as patient experiences.

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    Tags: Pregnancy, Dialysis Pregnancies, Home Dialysis, Fertility, Live Birth Rates

  • Short Daily HD, Muscle Strength, and Bone Health

    A cross-sectional study compared a variety of parameters between 86 conventional HD patients and 92 short daily HD patients. The short daily HD patients had significantly higher serum albumin levels, Kt/V, and bone mineral density, required significantly fewer ESAs, and had lower phosphorus, inflammation, and PTH levels than conventional HD patients. Short daily HD patients also had significantly higher scores on the 6-minute walking test, stronger hand grips, lower fasting blood sugars, and higher hemoglobin levels.

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    Tags: Bone Mineral Density, Conventional Haemodialysis, End stage Kidney Disease, Inflammation, Muscle Function, Short daily Haemodialysis

  • Finally: A Patient Reported Experience Measure for Home Dialysis

    The Home Dialysis Care Experience survey is a new 26-item experience measure with one composite scale and two global rating scores, derived from 1,372 patients who use PD or home HD at 30 U.S. clinics. The measure was tested for floor and ceiling effects and test-retest reliability. Of the group, 495 patients completed at least one survey.

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    Tags: Home Dialysis Care Experience Survey, Patient Reported Experience Measure

  • A Home Dialysis Primer for Internists

    A new primer developed for clinicians in primary care aims to explain PD and home HD.

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    Tags: Home Dialysis Primer, PD, Home HD

  • Is Wearable HD Moving Forward?

    A review article contends that wearable kidney replacement will “radically reshape the landscape of kidney replacement therapies and have the potential to dramatically improve the lives of individuals living with kidney failure.” Great, but when?

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    Tags: Wearable Kidney Replacement, Kidney Replacement Therapies, Quality Of Life

  • Among Prediabetic Patients, PD Nearly Tripled the Risk of New Onset Diabetes vs. HS

    A retrospective cohort study was done of 1426 non-diabetic end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients who started PD or in-center HD. Over a 12 year period, 23% of the patients developed NODM. Among patients with prediabetes, those on PD had a 2.93 times higher risk of NODM than those on HD (p <0.001).

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    Tags: ESRD, PD, In center HD, NODM, New Onset Diabetes Mellitus

  • Patient Training and Safety with Home HD

    Despite the paramount importance of safety with home HD, there is “a surprising lack of literature” about it and no consensus on optimal training techniques or schedules, contend the authors of a new study.

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    Tags: Home HD, Training Techniques, Home HD Training Schedules

  • Urgent-start PD vs. Urgent-start HD: Meta-analysis

    Analysis of data from nine studies looking at all-cause mortality found a rate of 0.173 for urgent-start PD vs. .214 for urgent-start HD. Those who started PD urgently had lower risks of infection-related death, bacteremia, and other complications, though rates of cardiovascular and cancer mortality were similar.

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    Tags: All cause Mortality, Urgent start PD, Urgent start HD, Infection related Death, Bacteremia