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  • Outcomes with PD to HHD Compared to Direct HHD

    Analysis of data from all patients who started PD or HHD in the first 90 days of kidney replacement therapy in Canada matched PD+HHD patients (n=163) 1:1 to incident HHD patients (n=711). Interestingly, while hospitalization risk was similar, clinical outcomes were better in the PD+HHD group.

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    Tags: PD, HHD, Kidney Replacement Therapy, Clinical Outcomes

  • PD and Home HD in the U.S. vs. Canada

    PD and home HD offer well-documented advantages and lower total costs in high-income countries. Both have seen growth in the US during the last decade, driven by payment changes and COVID-19—but US numbers still lag behind Canada and other countries.

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    Tags: Peritoneal Dialysis, PD, Home Haemodialysis, HHD

  • Home HD Core Curriculum 2021

    AJKD has released a new edition of this manual, which covers benefits, pitfalls and challenges of starting and growing a home HD program, home HD equipment, prescriptions, and medical management.

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    Tags: Home Hemodialysis, HHD, Home HD Program, Patient Choice