Patient Videos About Home Dialysis

Can people travel on dialysis? Chris Greene’s Thrive On Story

Meet Chris Greene, a retired resident of Sedona, AZ with a positive outlook on life. Like many chronic kidney disease patients, when first diagnosed, Chris was in shock and in denial. Her doctor told Chris that she needed to start dialysis. Lucky for Chris, her doctor recommended at-home peritoneal dialysis (PD) to fit her active lifestyle of camping and hiking.

Empowered to thrive: Sam Trevino’s home dialysis and transplant story

Sam Trevino, former home dialysis patient, describes his journey as a young adult diagnosed with kidney failure. An avid soccer player, Sam took control of his treatment with home dialysis – giving him the energy to go back to playing soccer, become a full-time high school teacher and thrive – all before receiving the gift of a kidney transplant from his wife.

True love and peritoneal dialysis: Shannon Cook’s Thrive On Story

Shannon Cook, a registered nurse in Arizona, specializing in nephrology, met her future husband, Anthony, when he was starting home dialysis at age 25. As a registered nurse, wife, mother and devoted care partner, Shannon shares how peritoneal dialysis (PD) fit their exceptionally busy lives—and how Anthony’s treatment has a very happy ending.

Angela's Story

In-center, Angela was no longer a healthy vibrant person, she was bed ridden unable to work and enjoy life, until a nurse asked her if she wanted to try home hemodialysis. Now that Angela perfroms home hemodialysis 4 days a week she is back in the saddle, riding, working and enjoyinglife.

Meet Robert: SHC Home Hemo Dialysis Patient

David's Story

What do you do when you are 24 years old and told you only have a year to live? You learn about your treatment options and what will give you the best chance at survival and you follow your dreams.

Meet Patrick: SHC Home PD Patient

Maria's Story

When Maria started in-center dialysis she had to pull herself away from her community. She struggled to adjust to her new life. Until she tried Home Hemodialysis (HHD). Watch How HHD Put Maria Center Stage Again ♫

Meet Elias: SHC Home Dialysis Patient

Leo's Story

Three times weekly in­-center treatments weren’t providing Leo, an avid surfer, with the life he wanted. Ready to give up all hope, Leo found out about Home Hemodialysis with NxStage and never looked back!

Meet David: SHC Nocturnal Dialysis Patient

Maggie's Story

Maggie knew she was going to need to go on dialysis and didn’t want to stop doing what she loved. Watch how she took control by learning about her dialysis treatment options early in her journey with kidney disease.

Don's Story

Does your in-center treatment leave you feeling washed out, too tired to enjoy family and friends? That's how Don felt until he learned about more frequent home hemodialysis, now he has the energy to spend time doing what he loves - playing with his grand children, playing tennis and ridiing his motorcycle.

Erich and Terrance

When Erich and Terrance decided more control over their schedules and a better quality of life was a must, they turned to home hemodialysis. Watch how two men took control, learned to self cannulate and built a better life for themselves.

Robby's Story

Do you look in the mirror and see a shadow of what you used to be? That's how Robby felt, he shuffled around with no energy, he struggled to be a husband and father until he discovered home hemodialysis. Now Robby is back on track, being a husband, a dad, a teacher and even opened his own business as a tour guide thanks to more energy and home nocturnal hemodialysis.

Meet Luis

Conozca al paciente de NxStage Luis. Meet Luis and learn how he took control of his dialysis with the NxStage® System One™.

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