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  • Incremental PD (IPD) and Preservation of Residual Kidney Function

    A single-center, retrospective study of IPD vs. standard PD (SPD) examined data from 87 patients, about 2/3 on IPD, with a median follow up of 23 months. IPD was associated with longer technique survival and significantly higher GFRs at 6 months and after 24 months.

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    Tags: Incremental PD, IPD, Residual Kidney Function, Technique Survival

  • Incremental PD with Residual Kidney Function: Safe and Effective

    Compared to 42 people who started full-dose PD, 54 who began incremental PD between 2015 and 2019 tended to be female, not have diabetes, and have more residual kidney function. PD technique survival, peritonitis, and hospitalization were about the same for both groups.

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    Tags: Incremental PD, Residual Kidney Function, Full dose PD, Technique Survival

  • Residual Kidney Function and Incremental PD

    A retrospective cohort study was done of 96 incident PD patients (54 on incremental PD; 42 on standard PD). The incremental PD patients had lower exchange volumes, less glucose load—and longer peritonitis-free survival.

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    Tags: PD, Incremental Dialysis, Peritonitis, Residual Kidney Function, Technique Survival

  • NxStage Outcomes in Spain

    The first 86 NxStage users in 12 Spanish dialysis clinics received an adequate dialysis dose, optimal ultrafiltration, improved biochemical markers, and reduced need for antihypertensive drugs, binders, and erythropoietin. Patient and technique survival were both good.

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    Tags: Adequate Dialysis Dose, Optimal Ultrafiltration, Biochemical Markers, Antihypertensive Drugs, Binders, Erythropoietin. Patient Survival, Technique Survival

  • Home HD Respite Care Resource Implications

    A Canadian analysis of 119 home HD patients found that 66% required 292 back-up, in-center HD sessions during 96 patient years; 53% for vascular access issues.

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    Tags: Home Hemodialysis, Resource Utilization, Technique Survival