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  • Does Incremental PD Preserve Residual Kidney Function?

    Analysis of data from 154 patients in the randomized, controlled balANZ trial did not find a difference in the slope of ultrafiltration volume decline between full dose and incremental PD.

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    Tags: Incremental PD, Residual Kidney Function, Ultrafiltration Volume

  • Incremental PD (IPD) and Preservation of Residual Kidney Function

    A single-center, retrospective study of IPD vs. standard PD (SPD) examined data from 87 patients, about 2/3 on IPD, with a median follow up of 23 months. IPD was associated with longer technique survival and significantly higher GFRs at 6 months and after 24 months.

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    Tags: Incremental PD, IPD, Residual Kidney Function, Technique Survival

  • Incremental PD with Residual Kidney Function: Safe and Effective

    Compared to 42 people who started full-dose PD, 54 who began incremental PD between 2015 and 2019 tended to be female, not have diabetes, and have more residual kidney function. PD technique survival, peritonitis, and hospitalization were about the same for both groups.

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    Tags: Incremental PD, Residual Kidney Function, Full dose PD, Technique Survival

  • Incremental PD may preserve residual kidney function longer

    A single-center observational study in Korea followed 347 patients; half started full-dose PD and half started incremental PD. While patient, technique, and peritonitis-free survival were similar between groups, the incremental PD group had a significantly lower risk of losing all of their kidney function (anuria).

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    Tags: Full Dose PD, Incremental PD, Residual Kidney Function

  • New Ideas for Incremental PD

    Starting incremental PD without the exclusive focus on residual plus peritoneal clearances may ease transitions of new patients onto dialysis—and reduce our “obsession” with small moleule kinetics.

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    Tags: Incremental PD, Peritoneal Dialysis

  • Starting PD with One Daily Exchange of Icodextrin

    Incremental PD can be less restrictive for patients initiating therapy. Is one daily exchange with icodextrin enough? A physiological study used a 3-pore kinetic model to assess fluid and solute removal among patients with residual function that ranged from 0 to 15 mL/min/1.73m2. All but very large patients (total body water >60L) were predicted to achieve adequate dialysis with this approach.

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    Tags: Incremental PD, Icodextrin, Fluid And Solute Removal