Journal Watch - Full dose PD

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  • Savings from Incremental PD

    In a stud of 147 people who did incremental PD from 2009 through 2021, 11.9% transitioned to full-dose PD. Peritoneal glucose exposure was reduced by multiple kilos per year, and costs, plastic waste, and water use were also lower, as was time to manage PD.

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    Tags: Healthcare Cost, Cost Analysis, Incremental PD, Full dose PD, Peritoneal Glucose Exposure

  • Incremental PD with Residual Kidney Function: Safe and Effective

    Compared to 42 people who started full-dose PD, 54 who began incremental PD between 2015 and 2019 tended to be female, not have diabetes, and have more residual kidney function. PD technique survival, peritonitis, and hospitalization were about the same for both groups.

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    Tags: Incremental PD, Residual Kidney Function, Full dose PD, Technique Survival