Journal Watch - Residual Kidney Function

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  • Why Do Patients Switch from PD to HD?

    In retrospective data from 5,224 DCI PD patients from 2010 to 2019 about 61% started with PD (PD-first), 18% switched from HD to PD in the first 90 days (PD-early), and 21% after 90 days (PD-late). Compared to PD-first patients, those who switched early or late had a higher risk of transfer to HD in the first 9 months. Additional risk factors included peritonitis, fewer home visits, lower serum albumin, lower residual kidney function, and lower PD clearance.

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    Tags: PD first, PD early, PD late, Peritonitis, Serum Albumin, Residual Kidney Function, PD Clearance

  • Must PD Stop when Residual Kidney Function is Gone?

    Not necessarily. In a small, physiological study (n=15) of anuric CAPD patients with low Kt/V, fluid status, dietary intake, and nitrogen removal were all assessed. All were able to maintain good nutritional status, with no symptoms of nitrogen retention and good volume control.

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    Tags: PD, Residual Kidney Function, CAPD, Kt/V, Fluid Status, Dietary Intake, Nitrogen Removal, Volume Control

  • Residual Kidney Function and Incremental PD

    A retrospective cohort study was done of 96 incident PD patients (54 on incremental PD; 42 on standard PD). The incremental PD patients had lower exchange volumes, less glucose load—and longer peritonitis-free survival.

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    Tags: PD, Incremental Dialysis, Peritonitis, Residual Kidney Function, Technique Survival