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  • Factors Linked with Time to First Peritonitis on PD

    In a 5-year, 57 clinic, prospective randomized controlled trial in Europe, 33% of 671 participants had a bout of peritonitis. The factors independently linked with time to first peritonitis included older age, higher number of PD bags, low serum albumin, and higher body weight.

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    Tags: Peritonitis, Age, PD Bags, Serum Albumin, Body Weight

  • Serum albumin at 1 Year Predicts Long-term CAPD Outcomes

    Among 436 patients using CAPD and followed for at least a year (48.25 + 24.05 months), each 1 g/dL increase in serum albumin at 1 year after PD start reduced the risk of death by 8.7%.

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    Tags: Peritoneal Dialysis , Serum Albumin, CAPD, Mortality