Silver Lining now available in the US and UK!

This blog post was made by Kamal Shah on April 11, 2024.
Silver Lining now available in the US and UK!

Reprinted with permission from Originally published on April 7, 2024.

When kidney failure struck twenty-one-year-old Kamal Shah and threatened to derail his life, he fought back to take control. Dealing with each setback life threw at him with stoic bravery, Shah figured a way out each time. With lessons learnt dealing with the disease, he co-founded NephroPlus, a patient-centric dialysis company along with Vikram Vuppala, an MBA, and revolutionized dialysis care in India and beyond to become India’s largest dialysis services company. NephroPlus attracted marquee investors and created waves in the Indian healthcare ecosystem when they acquired US giant DaVita’s Indian operations. This book chronicles the entire journey right from Shah’s tryst with dialysis to the excitement of the investment rounds and the DaVita acquisition, and their road map for the future. It also provides useful insights into the healthcare ecosystem in India.

Watch Kamal's Silver Lining book launch.

After a lot of waiting, finally, "Silver Lining" is now available to order from Amazon in the US and the UK. Here are the links and QR codes to use to order.

Click here or use the QR code:

UK: Click here or use the QR code:


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