Check Out the New Home Dialysis Central "Medicare Start Date Calculator"

This blog post was made by Beth Witten, MSW, ACSW, LSCSW on August 13, 2013.
Check Out the New Home Dialysis Central "Medicare Start Date Calculator"

Have you ever wondered how soon Medicare can start if someone you know needs dialysis? There is a new Medicare Start Date Calculator on Home Dialysis Central at

Insert the month, day, and year dialysis started and the calculator will tell you. If someone starts a home training program before Month 4 of dialysis, Medicare can start the first month of dialysis. Training can end during Month 4 or later and the patient can still get Medicare backdating. If Medicare starts right away, it can cover charges for doctors, surgeons, hospitals and more. Choose in-center dialysis and the patient could pay thousands more without a good health plan.

To get Medicare for kidney failure, the patient need to be on dialysis or have a transplant, in the U.S. legally, and have enough work credits. Patients can earn work credits through their work. They can use work credits a spouse has earned. A child on dialysis can use a parent's work credits. Using someone else's work credits does not affect that person's access to Medicare later.

With this new calculator, it's easy for your patients to see if they can get Medicare sooner. Please share this link with anyone whose kidneys are failing or who has started dialysis recently. Knowing more about when Medicare can take effect may encourage more patients to participate more in their care and live a fuller life by choosing a work-friendly home treatment.


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