Nocturnal in-center HD comes to Slovenia

Only a few handfuls of US clinics offer nocturnal in-center HD. Now, Slovenian researchers report their experience of switching 10 patients from "standard" (4-5 hours!) in-center treatments to thrice weekly 8-hour long nighttime ones. With almost twice as much dialysis per week, mean predialysis creatinine and urea dropped significantly, as did mean dry weight. Six of the ten were able to stop taking phosphate binders, and one more patient had a dose reduction—and phosphate was added to the dialysate for three patients. There were no major changes in predialysis blood pressure, calcium or potassium levels, mean ultrafiltration, hemoglobin, or EPO dose (Editor's note: perhaps because standard HD in Slovenia is longer, and because the nocturnal treatments were only three times per week).

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