Dialysis related videos

Bill Peckham self cannulation video
Bill produced this video to show how he gets on dialysis nearly every night at home.
Constant Site Cannulation Using Buttonhole Technique
This 15-minute video discusses the clinical benefits and procedural details of the Buttonhole technique.
Dealing with Dialysis
New research finds that overnight dialysis may dramatically cut the risk for early death in patients with kidney failure (presented by ABC's Dr. Timothy Johnson).
Dialysis comes to Hana, Hawaii
Six years of blood, sweat and tears...and maybe a few prayers...bring dialysis treatment home to Hana in a first-of-its-kind-in-the-nation project.
Joyce and Ken Eiler
They had to give up traveling to dog shows with their prize-winning Samoyeds after Ken's kidneys failed and he had to go on dialysis. But with the portable NxStage machine, that has changed.
My Choice: Home Dialysis
Learn about all of the types of home dialysis and why people chose to dialyze at home.
Quest for a Wearable Kidney: Will Nanotechnology Make a Difference?
The Center for Integration of Medicine & Innovative Technology (CIMIT) presents this great lecture presented as five videos (totaling about two hours). The videos give a comprehensive look at the sort of technology being developed to improve the effectiveness of hemodialysis. Specifically, they look at nanotechnology, surveying where the field is and where it is going, with particular emphasis on hemodialysis. CIMIT's mission is to improve patient care by bringing scientists, engineers, and clinicians together to catalyze development of innovative technology, emphasizing minimally invasive diagnosis and therapy.
UCSF unveils model for implantable artificial kidney to replace dialysis
UCSF researchers have unveiled a prototype model of the first implantable artificial kidney, in a development that one day could eliminate the need for dialysis. The device, which would include thousands of microscopic filters as well as a bioreactor to mimic the metabolic and water-balancing roles of a real kidney, is being developed in a collaborative effort by engineers, biologists, and physicians nationwide, led by Shuvo Roy, PhD, in the UCSF Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences.
YouTube Videos
Watch home dialysis patients dialyze, set up and tear down their machines, travel across the country, and more.