Home dialysis equipment

See B. Braun's Dialog Plus (Dialog+™) home hemodialysis machine.
G.I.A. Medical
Wholesale dialysis machines: Althin, Baxter, Cobe, Fresenius, Gambro. Website in English and Spanish.
History of dialysis
Take a look back at the machines used throughout the history of dialysis, and see just how far we've come.
History of Hemodialysis
Read a history of hemodialysis on the Fresenius website.
History of PD
Read a history of peritoneal dialysis on the Fresenius website.
HomeChoice PRO™, HomeChoice™, and Quantum™
Baxter's machines can be seen here.
Home dialysis equipment
View the different types of home dialysis equipment used for each of the treatment options.
A family of products from T.N.T. Moborg International Ltd. that help to secure PD catheters, temporary access catheters, fistula needles, and vascular blood lines and reduce complications such as infection.
Jihua Medical Apparatus and Instruments Co., Ltd.
Machines in China, Chile, Malaysia, Dominican Republic, Russia, Turkey, India, Indonesia and so on. 2-year warranties; service available.
Newton™ IQ Cycler System
See Fresenius Medical Care's Newton™ IQ Cycler System.