Patient sites and stories

Access Able Travel Source
Provides information about disabled travel, wheelchair travel, disabled holidays, disability travel, handicapped travel, accessible travel, vacations for disabled, and mature travel.
Daily Hemodialysis
Gus is a frequent poster in our message boards, and has his own site to share his experiences of daily home hemo at WellBound, using the NxStage machine.
Dialysis from the sharp end of the needle
A blog by Bill Peckham tracking industry news and trends in advocacy, reimbursement, politics, and the provision of dialysis.
HemoDoc, From Doctor to Patient
A doctor's blog from a patient's perspective exploring both sides of the doctor-patient relationship as a source of information and communication between these two distinct groups of people.
I Hate Dialysis
They're not negative, they just hate dialysis. A place to rant, vent, or share experiences living with kidney disease. A site for patients, by patients.
Nancy's History of Hope
Nancy Spaeth went through a life-and-death committee to get dialysis in 1966—nocturnal home hemo! Learn about her fascinating story.