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  • Obesity and PD Catheter Function

    It is a common belief that obesity is a contraindication to PD—but a new study of 231 patients who were demographically similar except for weight found otherwise. Compared to normal weight patients, those who were overweight or obese had no signficant differences in catheter dysfunction or complications—regardless of the placement technique used.

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    Tags: Education Issues: For Patients And Professionals, Fistulas, Grafts And Catheters (including PD)

  • Well Nourished PD Patients Live Longer

    Among 106 PD patients, body weight and BMI did not predict survival. But, those who had low serum albumin levels, low lean body mass, and were in the lowest 25% for cholesterol levels were less likely to survive. Some overweight or obese patients did not have good nutrition.

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  • Pilot Study: Flex Dialysis Facilitates Weight Loss

    Patients who need to lose weight for better health or to obtain a transplant can be stymied by the strict diet limits of standard in-center HD. In a small series (four obese and two overweight patients), combining 2-6 sessions of flex, incremental HD with a coach-assisted weight loss program led to 5.7-20 kg weight loss over 12-30 months, better metabolic markers, and high patient satisfaction.

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  • Overweight people (90 Kg) do well on PD

    Forty-three patients who weighed more than 90 Kg had significantly fewer hernias and leaks than matched controls who weighed less than 90 Kg. They also had the same number of hospital days and stays and lived just as long.

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