Journal Watch - Shared Decision making

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  • Nephrologist Attitudes Toward Home Therapies Drive Practice

    A survey of 327 nephrologists assessed their knowledge, attitudes, and practice around the choices for renal replacement therapy. Attitudes toward PD, HD, and transplant were independently linked to participants’ consideration of these options for patients.

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    Tags: Nephrologists Modality Knowledge, Modality Bias, Choices For Renal Replacement Therapy, Modality Choice, Patient Education, Shared Decision making

  • KDIGO Home Dialysis Controversies Conference

    The report from the May, 2021 KDIGO conference on increasing use of PD and home HD has been released. Attendees agreed that shared decision-making was ideal, everyone should have access to home therapies, and alignment of policies and resources must occur to make these goals happen.

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    Tags: Modality, Treatment Satisfaction, KDIGO, Shared Decision making