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  • Assisted PD in Europe

    Not every PD patient can perform solo treatments—or has a care partner to help. Some European countries are offering assisted PD in the home, often temporarily, using a variety of PD prescriptions and care provided by private care agencies or nursing home staff. Tailoring the prescription to residual kidney function reduces PD burden and aids technique survival.

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  • The Varied Uses of Assisted PD in Spain

    In a retrospective look from 1997 through 2020, a Spanish clinic identified four groups who used assisted PD at some point. Group 1 was totally dependent at PD start, group 2 was self-care and then became totally dependent, group 3 needed short-term PD help, and group 4, the controls, remained on self-care. Of those who required assistance, 73% did so during follow up, not initially. Up to 44% of autonomous patients became dependent for various reasons over time, including loss of a care partner. Assisted PD—even when paying care partners—was less costly than switching to standard HD.

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