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  1. Views of Patients vs. MDs Re: Important Dialysis Outcomes

    An international 3-round Delphi survey that started with 202 patients and care partners and 979 renal professionals aimed to generate a consensus-based prioritized list of core outcomes for HD trials. Not surprisingly, patient/care partner priorities differed dramatically from those of professionals: patients largely valued quality of life outcomes, while professionals focused on clinical ones.

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  2. Pregnancy Outcomes with Short Daily HD

    A case report from France observed two pregnant women who chose to continue doing short daily HD. The resulting babies were moderately premature but had no other complications.

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  3. Preventing Fibrosis in PD

    A new review paper covers how fibrosis occurs on PD and treatment options to stop it.

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  4. The Impact of ESRD Treatment Modality on Sleep Quality

    A metaanalysis looked at whether changing from one treatment type to another (HD, daily HD, nocturnal HD, CAPD, CCPD, or transplant) would affect sleep. Sixteen studies with 670 patients and 191 controls were examined. Restless leg syndrome resolved in 60+% of patients who switched to CCPD, intensive HD, or transplant. Sleep apnea improved with these options as well. Overall sleep quality improved as the intensity of treatment increased.

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