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  • Incremental PD and Quality of Life

    In a 4-year study (2015-2019) of adults starting PD and followed for one year, those who used incremental PD had better KDQOL physical composite, burden of kidney disease, and effects of kidney disease scores, as well as less hospitalization and lower mortality rates (non-significant).

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    Tags: Incremental PD, KDQOL, Mortality Rate, Quality Of Life

  • The Form of PD Linked with the Best Health-related Quality of Life is…

    In China, at least, cycler PD wins the day. Compared to 64 people who started and stayed on CAPD, 64 others who switched to use a cycler had about the same HRQOL at the start of a study. One year later, those using cyclers had significantly better scores on most of the KDQOL subscales.

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    Tags: Cycler PD, CAPD, HRQOL, KDQOL