Journal Watch - Blood Pressure

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  • Daily HD and Cardiovascular Risk factors

    In a 4-year study of 26 people using daily hemodialysis and 51 matched controls doing standard hemodiaysis, the daily treatments significantly improved blood pressure, calcium-phosphorus product, and hemoglobin levels. There was also a non-significant trend toward lower left ventricular mass index.

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    Tags: Daily HD, Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Blood Pressure, Calcium phosphorus Product, Hemoglobin Levels

  • Italians Improve on Daily Home HD

    As in the U.S., the Italian Ministry of Health has home dialysis as a primary objective. In a 2-year study of seven people switched to six times per week daily home HD, significant improvements began to appear almost immediately. After 3-6 months, bone mineral balance and blood pressure were better, PTH levels and use of phosphate binders dropped, and the participants needed less rhEPO.

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    Tags: Home Dialysis, Daily Home HD, RhEPO, Mineral Balance, Blood Pressure, PTH Levels