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  • Management of PD Anemia in Japan

    Should people who use PD have the same hemoglobin (hb) targets as those who do HD? Researchers analyzed registry data of 4,875 patients 18 or older who were doing PD at the end of 2012 and compared their hb levels with mortality for the 1,586 who died. In a U-shaped curve, hb levels < 9.0 and > 13.0 were significantly associated with death. In those who had a history of cardiovascular disease, hb levels > 12.0 were significantly associated with death.

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    Tags: Hemoglobin Targets, Mortality, Cardiovascular Disease

  • Cardiovascular Benefits of Benefits

    A review considers the impact of nocturnal HD on cardiac remodeling, myocardial stunning, hypertension, heart rate variability, sleep apnea, coronary calcification, and endothelial dysfunction.

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    Tags: Benefits, Cardiovascular, Home Hemodialysis, Myocardial Stunning, Nocturnal Hemodialysis, Vascular Calcification, Cardiovascular Disease