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  • Patients Who Want Autonomy More Likely to Choose PD

    A national survey had 630 HD and PD patients respond to a survey about internal locus of control (ILOC) and an interest in treatment responsibility (ITR). The responding PD patients were younger and had significantly more desire both for control in general and interest in treatment responsibility in particular.

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    Tags: Peritoneal Dialysis, Pd, Hemodialysis, Hd, Decision making

  • Home Dialysis Care Experience instrument

    A new patient-reported experience measure for PD and home HD has been developed, based on a structured literature review, focus groups, interviews, and then cognitive testing. The 26-item measure covers 16 domains in six areas: communication and patient education, care team concern and helpfulness, care team proficiency, patient-centered care, care coordination, and personalized care.

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    Tags: Hemodialysis, Hd, Peritoneal Dialysis, Pd