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  1. Some PD PETs Are Better Than Others

    There are three ways to do a peritoneal equilibrium test (PET) to measure how well someone’s peritoneum is able to transport water and wastes. Compared to a traditional PET, a modified PET had good agreement in 21 patients—but the so-called mini-PET did not.

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    Tags: Peritoneal Equilibrium Test, Pet, Peritoneal Membrane Transport

  2. A New, Early Marker for Encapsulating Peritoneal Sclerosis?

    Can a drop in dialysate sodium sieving during a PET forecast EPS in advance? A 20-year, controlled longitudinal cohort study found a correlation. Of 161 incident PD patients, 13 went on to develop EPS—and sodium was the best predictor.

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    Tags: Dialysate Sodium Sieving, Pet, Eps