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  1. In-hospital Patient Education Helps “Crash” Dialysis Starts to Consider PD

    As many as half of people who start dialysis in the U.S. each year “crash” into a need for treatment with an urgent, unplanned start—and most receive HD with a catheter. The same is true in Germany, but a new structured education program changed the pattern. Compared to patients who started dialysis urgently before the program, those who were educated were significantly more likely to choose PD.

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  2. Implantable microdialysis without dialysate fluid – in rats

    What if we could implant an artificial kidney that did not require dialysate fluid? Researchers have developed a microdialysis system using microfluidic channels and nanoporous membranes, and tested it in rats with kidney failure. Filtrate was successfully collected with no blood leaks in the system, and the levels of creatinine in their blood was significantly reduced.

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