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  • Double Purse String Suture for Urgent Start PD Catheters

    An Italian article reports that use of a double purse-string technique allowed immediate CAPD starts within 24 hours of catheter placement, with no difference in complications (mechanical or infectious) or catheter survival between surgical or trocar placement.

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    Tags: Double Purse string, CAPD Starts, Catheter Placement, Catheter Survival

  • A Novel Surgical Technique for Urgent Start PD

    Placing a PD catheter with a double purse-string around the inner cuff was safe and feasible for urgent start PD, finds a study of 135 catheter insertions between 2011 and 2018. Double-cuffed straight Tenckhoff catheters were implanted surgically or semi-surgically using the double purse-string technique, and the incidence of leakages, dislocations, peritonitis, and exit-site infection were low. There were no bleeding events, bowel perforations, or hernia formations.

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    Tags: PD Catheter, Double Purse string, Urgent Start PD