Journal Watch - Ultrafiltration

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  • Fluid Compartment Shifts and Post-hemodialysis Recovery Time

    GENTLE ultrafiltration matters! A bioimpedance study analyzed data from 124 patients who had long (>1 hour) or short (<1 hour) recovery times after dialysis. Patients who had sessions with prolonged recovery time also reported more symptoms, psychological distress—and greater compartmental fluid shifts, as seen in extracellular water to total body water ratios.

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    Tags: Ultrafiltration, Bioimpedance, Post hemodialysis Recovery Time, Fluid Compartment Shifts, Extracellular Water, Peri‐dialytic Symptoms

  • APD May Rapidly Improve Left Heart Failure

    A single-center observational study of 47 CAPD patients with left-sided heart failure found that using a cycler for short-term APD improved ultrafiltration significantly in just 3 days.

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    Tags: CAPD, Cycler, Short term APD, Ultrafiltration