Quanta Dialysis Technologies

Quanta Dialysis Technologies

Quanta has developed an advanced haemodialysis system for use in the home and clinic. Our proprietary cartridge-based system SC+ is a portable, compact haemodialysis system providing clinical efficacy utilising flow rates typically used on traditional machines.

SC+ brings flexibility to the dialysis community by supporting most treatment regimens from nurse-assisted treatment through to self-care in centre and home haemodialysis. It facilitates the seamless transition between modalities giving the patient more options and a better quality of life. With its patient-centric, easy to use design and digital interface, SC+ is simple and intuitive to operate. Our unique, pneumatically driven cartridge-based system simplifies the set-up process and facilitates a smaller, lighter machine than traditional systems.

Furthermore, by moving the fluidics circuit on to a single-use disposable cartridge, SC+ avoids a potential source of cross contamination common in traditional machines that rely on re-use of internal fluid circuits. Our design minimises the need for time-consuming disinfection and descaling operations, allowing for a more rapid turn-around time in centre.

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