Premier Centers

Exclusive sponsor benefit

The Home Dialysis Central website includes an up-to-date database of every dialysis center in the United States (and its territories) that currently trains patients to do PD and/or hemodialysis at home. The database was created specifically for Home Dialysis Central and is the only online source of active home dialysis programs. Patients—and others—can search the database to find a home program that meets their needs. The database has two types of listings:

Basic listing Premier listing
Every dialysis center with an active home program is automatically included and displays the following information: Home Dialysis Central sponsors can choose to feature one of their clinics by creating a premier listing including:
  • Center name
  • Address
  • Phone and fax numbers
  • Owner
  • Home treatments offered
  • Link to center's website
  • Contact name
  • Contact email address
  • Medical director's name
  • Number of patients for each home treatment offered
  • Number of home training staff
  • Hours of operation
  • Free parking availability
  • Ability to accept traveling patients
  • 300-word description of the program
See an example of a basic listing. (coming soon!) See an example of a premier listing. (coming soon!)

Why create a premier listing?

Premier center listings appear at the top of search results. (Basic listings appear after, in alphabetical order.) A premier center listing can help you:

Where else can you reach an estimated 30,000 site visitors each month? Traffic to the site has increased three-fold since launch, and thousands of visitors have downloaded the coverage maps from our database. If your program attracts even one new patient as a result of your Premier Listing, you will recoup the cost of sponsorship. Home Dialysis Central sponsors (annual donations of $5,000 or more) are entitled to five premier listings per sponsorship level.

Are you interested in becoming a premier sponsor?

Please contact us at with any questions about premier center listings, to highlight some of your clinics, or to make changes to your current listings.