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  • PD: Sweat it Out to Reduce Fluid Overload

    In a small study, 4 people on PD used a portable sauna bath daily for 10 days, at 30 minutes a day and a temperature of 45°C. Most (51) of the 54 sauna sessions were well-tolerated; two people reported dizziness and one person with advanced diabetic neuropathy received a second degree skin burn. Body water loss and blood pressure improved significantly from the control period. Larger studies are needed.

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    Tags: Diaphoresis, Fluid Overload, Sauna Bath, Sweat

  • Home HD Patients Grasp Fluid Management Better than In-Center Ones

    Compared to 839 people on in-center HD in the UK from six clinics, 99 receiving home HD had significantly more knowledge about fluid management and signs and symptoms of fluid overload. They also felt more in control and reported better adherence—though knowledge gaps remained.

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    Tags: In center HD, Home HD, Fluid Management, Fluid Overload, Ckd Education