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  • Remote PD Monitoring Reduced Hospitalizations

    A study of people starting automated PD matched patients who did and did not receive remote patient monitoring (RPM), with 63 patients in each group. Those who received RPM had significantly fewer hospital stays and days.

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    Tags: Automated PD, Remote Patient Monitoring, Hospitalization

  • NxStage HD and Removal of Beta-2 Microglobulin

    Which works best to remove B2M, High-flux standard HD, post-dilution hemodiafiltration (HDF), NxStage short daily HD, or automated PD? In a small study (N=43), HDF and NxStage HD done 6 days per week removed the most B2M. Standard HD was next, with automated PD removing the least.

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    Tags: B2m, High flux Standard HD, Post dilution Hemodiafiltration (HDF), NxStage Short Daily HD, Automated PD