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  • A New, Early Marker for Encapsulating Peritoneal Sclerosis?

    Can a drop in dialysate sodium sieving during a PET forecast EPS in advance? A 20-year, controlled longitudinal cohort study found a correlation. Of 161 incident PD patients, 13 went on to develop EPS—and sodium was the best predictor.

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    Tags: Dialysate Sodium Sieving, PET, EPS

  • Peritoneal Membrane Transport and Survival on PD

    Among 470 PD patients followed for up to 10 years, high transporters were stable for the first few years, and after 5 years or so, PD adequacy began to slowly fall. The rate of PD transport did not affect patient survival.

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    Tags: High Transporters, PD Adequacy, PD Transport, Patient Survival

  • A View of the Dialysis Bundle from a Home Perspective

    Don’t miss Dr. Tom Golper’s fascinating take on how the CMS bundle for dialysis services affects home treatments.

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    Tags: CMS, Home Treatments

  • Connecting Home HD Patients to Care Teams Reduces Dropout

    Nx2me is a telehealth platform that allows patients who use NxStage machines for home HD to send data to and communicate with their care teams. Compared to matched controls, 606 Nx2me users were more likely to successfully complete training and less likely to drop out of home HD.

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    Tags: Nx2me, Telehealth, NxStage Machines, Home HD