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DCI Columbus Home Dialysis Offers Peace of Mind to New Patients

DCI Columbus Home Dialysis Offers Peace of Mind to New Patients

What comes to mind when you think of a home dialysis center? Is it warm colors, comfortable furniture, tasteful decorations and flat screen TV to watch while you receive care in one of the six private treatment rooms? If it also includes certified nurses, dietitians and social workers you have the surroundings of DCI Columbus Home Dialysis (CHD).

This stand-alone home clinic located in Columbus, GA, presents a reassuring atmosphere for patients and families learning to care for their dialysis needs in their own homes. As soon as patients walk into the lobby, painted a warm tan and green and furnished with couches, arm chairs, coffee tables, and flower arrangements, they begin to relax. The training room is large with two plush recliners, a private bathroom and television. The staff consists of a certified nephrologist, certified nephrology nurse, a certified peritoneal nurse, and a patient care technician. The clinic also has a master's social worker and a registered dietitian available to help patients transition to their new lifestyle.

DCI CHD would like to spotlight one of their newer patients and allow him the opportunity to tell his story about how DCI CHD's environment and staff helped him to develop a dialysis lifestyle to fit his needs.

Mr. James Johnson is a 35 year old business man living in Columbus, GA, with his wife and two teenage daughters. He stays busy as an owner of three local businesses. In the past year, Mr. Johnson started feeling tired, short of breath and was struggling to meet the demands of his busy lifestyle. When he was told he was in kidney failure and would have to start dialysis right away, he felt he had been given a death sentence. Mr. Johnson commented, "I had heard all the rumors and knew that people could not work on dialysis and usually lived shorter lives." Mr. Johnson started in-center hemodialysis not long after his diagnosis. He was depressed and feeling out of control of his life. When his social worker and nephrologist educated Mr. Johnson about doing his dialysis at home, Mr. Johnson jumped at this opportunity and soon had a peritoneal dialysis (PD) catheter placed and was scheduled to start training at DCI CHD.

Mr. Johnson observed that DCI CHD's location in a small strip mall was the first indication that this was not a regular doctor's office. He said walking into the lobby was like walking into his own living room. "The staff was down to earth, professional and truly cared about my wellbeing." Mr. Johnson was surprised that training was so easy. "I was worried about infection prior to starting PD, but as long as you listen to the nurse and do everything she tells you to do you will be fine...I recommend all new patients check out PD as a modality choice."

Mr. Johnson is now fully trained and confident about his ability to perform PD. When asked how he feels about peritoneal dialysis, he states, "My whole world changed ...I feel I'm healed and am now on the way to getting a new kidney. This clinic helped me to move toward a normal lifestyle."

DCI Columbus Home Dialysis is located at 2821 Warm Springs Rd., Columbus, GA. To learn more about DCI Columbus Home Dialysis, please call: 706-323-2415.

This article was posted on April 8th, 2016