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  • 2023 ISPD Catheter Infection Recommendations

    The updated recommendations have new definitions and classifications of exit site infection and tunnel infection, and new targets.

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    Tags: Catheter, Infection, Exit Site Infection, Tunnel Infection, Antibiotic Treatment

  • Nephrologist Attitudes Toward Home Therapies Drive Practice

    A survey of 327 nephrologists assessed their knowledge, attitudes, and practice around the choices for renal replacement therapy. Attitudes toward PD, HD, and transplant were independently linked to participants’ consideration of these options for patients.

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    Tags: Nephrologists Modality Knowledge, Modality Bias, Choices For Renal Replacement Therapy, Modality Choice, Patient Education, Shared Decision making

  • How Kidney Patients Define Health

    Among people with kidney failure who used three or more treatment options, “health” was linked to the ability to take part in meaningful activities and maintain life balance. Social and treatment environments that supported autonomy also helped people to consider themselves healthy.

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    Tags: CKD, Treatment Options, Health, Treatment Experience, Shared Decision making

  • Factors Linked with Time to First Peritonitis on PD

    In a 5-year, 57 clinic, prospective randomized controlled trial in Europe, 33% of 671 participants had a bout of peritonitis. The factors independently linked with time to first peritonitis included older age, higher number of PD bags, low serum albumin, and higher body weight.

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    Tags: Peritonitis, Age, PD Bags, Serum Albumin, Body Weight

  • Meta-analysis of PD Remote Patient Monitoring

    Analysis of data from 22 studies revealed that remote monitoring for PD reduced technique failure, hospitalization, and mortality vs. traditional PD monitoring.

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    Tags: Remote Monitoring, PD, Technique Failure, Hospitalization, Mortality, Traditional PD Monitoring

  • The Impact of Patient Empowerment on PD Self-management

    A controlled trial investigated use of a problem-based learning (PBL) model to empower people on PD to self-manage. Among 94 participants, 47 patients were randomized to PBL learning, while the control group got usual care. PBL participants were divided into five study groups that each had six lessons. After 9-11.5 months, the PBL group had significantly more basic PD knowledge, higher self-management scores, better quality of life, increased satisfaction, and less depression and anxiety.

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    Tags: Problem based Learning Model, PBL, Self management, PD Knowledge, Quality Of Life, Depression, Anxiety

  • Significant Racial Disparities Remain in Home Dialysis

    A retrospective cohort study looking at nearly 1.1 million ESKD patients between 2006 and 2016 found that while mean rates of home dialysis increased, white patients still had higher home dialysis use (26.2% in 2016) than non-white patients (17.8%), nor have the racial disparities improved over time.

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    Tags: ESKD, Mean Rates Of Home Dialysis, Racial Disparities

  • 5-year Assisted PD Program Outcomes

    Not everyone can do solo PD—or has a partner. In BC, Canada, a pilot staff-assisted PD program began in 2016. Analysis of 5 years of data from 322 patients found growth to 11.2% of the total PD population, with a median time of 13.6 months on PD. More than 1/3 were able to use the service until they died.

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    Tags: Assisted Peritoneal Dialysis

  • Serum Phosphorus and Survival on PD

    Data from 5,847 PD patients between 2014-2017 from seven countries in the PDOPPS study found that compared to an optimal range of 3.5-4.5mg/dL, the hazard ratio (HR) for all-cause mortality was 19% higher when phosphorus was 5.5-6.5 and 53% higher when phosphorus was greater than 6.5. When 6 months of data were examined, the linkage was even stronger.

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    Tags: PD, Serum Phosphorus, PDOPPS, Hazard Ratio, All cause Mortality

  • 44 Years of Home HD Technique Survival in Valencia, Spain

    In Valencia, 13.4% of patients on dialysis were using home HD in 2018. Researchers compared home HD data from two eras: “ancient” (1976-2000) and “modern” (2001-2020). Interestingly, 1- and 2-year patient survival were superior in the modern era (87.3% vs. 83.7% for 1-year; 83% vs. 77.4% for 2-year)—but 5-year survival was better in the ancient era (61% vs. 47.8%), as patients aged. Technique survival was better at every point in the modern era.

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    Tags: Home HD, Patient Survival, Technique Survival