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  • Startling Proportion of Patients Chose PD or Home HD After a Dialysis Start Unit

    The University Health Network of Toronto examined the uptake of home dialysis between 2013 and 2021 among patients who started in a “Dialysis Start Unit” (equivalent to a transitional care unit in the U.S.). Of 122 patients, 68 (55.7%) chose either PD (57; 46.7%) or home HD (11; 9%).

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    Tags: Home Hemodialysis, HHD, Peritoneal Dialysis, PD, Dialysis Start Unit

  • Personalized PD Prescriptions

    Urea alone is not able to assess dialysis adequacy. Rather than a focus on removing a single toxin, a more holistic, person-centered approach is emerging to improve well-being and minimize treatment burden—based on clinical outcomes and patient experiences of care. This approach requires close collaboration between patients and care teams and eliciting patient goals, priorities, and preferences. This paper reviews the evidence for a patient-centered approach to PD.

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    Tags: Urea, Dialysis Adequacy, Treatment Burden, Patient centered Care, PD

  • New Nomogram Predicts Roxadustat Treatment Failure in Anemic PD Patients

    A retrospective analysis of 204 anemic PD patients from 2019 to 2023 was used to construct a predictive nomogram of Roxadustat success. Duration of PD, serum transferrin, cardiovascular comorbidities and stains were significant predictors. The nomogram was more predictive at 12 months than at 6 months.

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    Tags: Roxadustat, HIF inhibitor, Treatment Failure, Anemia, PD

  • Comprehensive Health Education and PD

    Among 98 PD patients randomly assigned to routine care or a full-course health education program, the full-course group had significantly higher health behavior and treatment adherence scores. They were more likely to take their medications correctly and had better quality of life and fewer hospital readmission rates than controls.

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    Tags: Peritoneal Dialysis, PD, Comprehensive Health Education, Education Program, Quality Of Life

  • Mineral Bone Disease (MBD) and Survival on PD

    A P-DOPPS study analyzed MBD data from more than 12,000 patients from eight countries. The results revealed a U-shaped curve for the relationship between PTH and mortality, with the lowest risk at PTH levels of 300-599 pg/mL. Serum calcium levels higher than 9.6 mg/dL were associated with a 20% increase in mortality as well. Major country variations in MBD treatment were identified.

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    Tags: Mineral Bone Disease, MBD, PTH, Mortality, Serum Calcium Levels, PD

  • Impact of Prior Abdominal Procedures on Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Outcomes: Findings From the North American Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Registry

    A history of prior abdominal procedures may influence the likelihood of referral for peritoneal dialysis (PD) catheter insertion. To guide clinical decision making in this population, this study examined the association between prior abdominal procedures and outcomes in patients undergoing PD catheter insertion.

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    Tags: Dialysis, PD, PD Catheter Outcomes, End Stage Kidney Disease, Peritoneal Dialysis, Prior Abdominal Surgery

  • A Home Dialysis Primer for Internists

    A new primer developed for clinicians in primary care aims to explain PD and home HD.

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    Tags: Home Dialysis Primer, PD, Home HD

  • Progression of Brain Atrophy in PD vs. HD

    A follow-up study of brain atrophy progression followed 73 PD and 34 HD patients who had brain MRIs, including 42 PD and 25 HD patients who had a second brain MRI. Brain grey matter volume measurement demonstrated faster progression of brain atrophy in PD than in HD, independent of potential confounders.

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    Tags: Brain Atrophy, PD, HD

  • Among Prediabetic Patients, PD Nearly Tripled the Risk of New Onset Diabetes vs. HS

    A retrospective cohort study was done of 1426 non-diabetic end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients who started PD or in-center HD. Over a 12 year period, 23% of the patients developed NODM. Among patients with prediabetes, those on PD had a 2.93 times higher risk of NODM than those on HD (p <0.001).

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    Tags: ESRD, PD, In center HD, NODM, New Onset Diabetes Mellitus

  • A Home Dialysis Primer for Internists

    Since PD and home HD are increasing in use due to their clinical and practical advantages, clinicians need to understand these treatments. A new primer in the Annual Review of Medicine will help them do just that.

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    Tags: Home Dialysis, HD, PD, Home Dialysis Primer